Capturing memories and the occasional tear

I love photography and the emotion it brings when someone sees your work for the first time. It sounds so terrible to say “It’s cool when your photo can make someone cry”, but honestly it is.

To think that something I was able to capture could stir up emotions that strong. That’s the party I enjoy.


Family Photos

Holiday season is the busiest time of year for family photos. Xmas card season is the best. I love seeing holiday cards come in the mail knowing “Hey, I took that photo”

Senior Photos

Once these young rascals turn into teenager entering their final year of high school parents want to hold on to those memories as long as possible. High School Senior Photos help capture that last year in school before they have to grown up. They’re also a great opportunity to stand out when sending graduation announcements.

Headshots / Portrait Photos

Do you need an portrait photo for the back cover of your newest best selling book? Do you want to impress everyone else on LinkedIn with a stunning new headshot? Scroll down below and fill out the form to schedule a portrait session.

Sports and Action Shots for Social, Bios & Athlete Resumes

Youth Sports & Athletics

Club & high school competition is at its peak and every player is fighting for the eyes of college scouts. Player resumes are becoming mainstream. This is a great opportunity to show all sides of your game.

Whether it’s a profile photo or live action shots you can stand out from the typical school team photos and create content for your aspiring college athlete.

Henderson & Las Vegas Photography

Photography that fits your family and lifestyle. Enjoy.

Latest News

Quick thoughts and posts about what’s going on in my photography world. New photo toys and things I see/read about across the web.

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